My Mind on a Blog

My Mind on a Blog

I believe that being successful means overcoming failure. So you can’t be scared of facing constant challenges if you want to be the best. This is especially how I feel when it comes to becoming great at marketing.

Are You up to the Challenge?

I don’t see challenges as bad things. When you continuously push yourself to overcome the hurdles, it’s an accomplishment every time you win. I really started to improve as a marketer when I realized that I needed to stop being scared of trying new things. As Seth Godin puts it, I didn’t let my Lizard Brain dictate my actions. Don’t let it get to you either, you’re better than that!

I won’t sugar coat it though, going against the grain and succeeding does entail a lot work and it undoubtedly leads to frustration when it doesn’t immediately pay off. That’s why you should follow your passion so that it doesn’t actually feel like work.

I Love Marketing!

For me, that passion is marketing. I spend countless hours reading, discussing, analysis, testing, and executing on strategies that enable me to become a better marketer. All this to meet the end-goal of all business people. “How do I sell more?”

I especially like to focus on the long-term marketing strategies that affect a consumer’s perception of a brand. I’m also obsessed with pricing and cost-optimizing strategies. Basically, I love pushing for the classic environment where product, price, promotion, and distribution are aligned to offer the customer the perfect experience.

I decided to create this blog to serve as a platform for broadcasting my ideas and views on marketing. I will be discussing anything from pricing strategies to unique businesses. It really depends on what is on my mind at the time.

I hope you enjoy your visit!

Feel free to reach out to me if you want to discuss anything further. I’d love to connect!